About Us

At We Build Future, our mission is to empower people with enough knowledge so they can wade through the venture financing process of their startup. We Build Future is a division of Xuture LLC.

Xuture is the world's first venture capital firm with a focus on micro-financing or Xuture Capital investment, thereby empowering both investors and entrepreneurs. Xuture invests wisely and judiciously in unique entrepreneurs and exceptional high-technology companies around the globe. Please also visit XC Slides and check out our 13/13 Rule.

What we do?

Small businesses account for about 90% of the businesses in the United States. Most of these businesses are either self-financed, angel funded or debt/equity financed. Given the current economic conditions, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain financing from banks. This is especially true for high-tech startups where there is virtually no collateral to obtain debt financing. In such cases the most viable options are either seeking funds from friends or family, angel investors or venture capital (equity financing).

We are here to help entrepreneurs seek the best alternative for their financing needs. We hope that our resources will make entrepreneurs well-informed and erudite when discussing their financing needs.

Our Team

The team of people behind We Build Future are dedicated to helping the Entrepreneur Community reach its goals in the most productive and collaborative way possible, without compromising on our promise to our Investors.

At We Build Future, our team members are paid employees of Xuture LLC who work full-time to provide information and resources available to the entrepreneur and investor community.